Choosing the better part

Choosing the better part

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day of Recollection November 17th

"Love is Reparation.  Reparation is Love."  

The Theology and Practice of Reparation

As we look into our hearts we must humbly confess that truly, we have sinned, sinned often, sinned deeply, sinned willfully.

But God is good. He gives us the privilege of not only expiating what we have done wrong, but actually becoming more pleasing to Him by our penance and reparation.

It was no pious statement that St. Paul gave us when he said, "Where sin abounded, grace has even more abounded." In other words, in God's providence, He allows us to sin so we might repent and become saints.

The Schedule

9-9:45am           Sacrament of Confession 

9:45 am              Benediction

10:00am             Mass

10:45-Noon       Conference

Noon-12:45pm  Lunch with break out group discussions and final comments 

To explore the theology and practice of reparation in light of the Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, developing four fundamental perspectives:

1.the reparation offered the Father by the Heart of Jesus
2.the reparation or “consolation” which we are called to   offer to the Heart of Jesus
3. the reparation offered the Father by the Heart of Mary
4. the reparation or “consolation” which we are called to offer the Heart of Mary

Seeing all the misery in which the world has enmeshed itself we, in the words of Pius XI, “endeavor to expiate (our) own faults and those of others, to repair the honor of Christ, and to promote the eternal salvation of souls.” We offer ourselves as victims of love to shield the Sacred Heart from the sins committed against him at every moment. “Love is Reparation and Reparation is Love.”

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