Choosing the better part

Choosing the better part

Monday, September 17, 2012

The School of Christ is the School of Charity

As we have begun to gather together for what we call the "Schola Christi" or School of Christ, it is good to remind ourselves about who and what we are seeking in and through our discussions.  Indeed, we have sought to emphasize from the start that we come to sit at the feet of Christ prayerfully and to listen to the word that He desires to speak to our hearts.  From this silent and attentive listening we then seek to speak and tell the world of His goodness and love.

Today is the feast of St. Robert Bellarmine who directs us toward this same purpose: "The school of Christ is the school of charity.  On the last day, when the great general examination takes place, there will be no question at all on the text of Aristotle, the aphorisms of Hippocrates, or the paragraphs of Justinian.  Charity will be the whole syllabus. . . . If you are wise, then know that you have been created for the glory of God and your own eternal salvation.  This is your goal: this is the center of your life; this the treasure of your heart."

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