Choosing the better part

Choosing the better part

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Hunger of Our Lord for Our Faith

As I have prayed about it I have begun to wonder what Divine Wisdom should make known to us about the Hunger of Our Lord in regards to our relationship with Him and our willingness to unite ourselves with Him in His sufferings. Do we satisfy that hunger for our faith in our own sufferings and satisfy it by our meeting with tenderness those in whom we find our suffering Lord?

Like Therese of Lisieux, Elizabeth was not a stoic, trying to step out of her pain.  Her suffering was so great that she could understand how people feel like they are at the end of their rope.  It may be feebly that we suffer or feel that we are cowardly, but when we heed Christ and embrace it as our dwelling, He who is the Fullness of Love, who suffered all on the Cross and whose Heart embraces all our suffering, visits us.

"I am more overwhelmed by happiness than by pain: my Master has reminded me that it is my dwelling place and I am not to choose my sufferings; so I immerse myself with Him into immense suffering, with much fear and anguish.  

Your victim is suffering very, very much; it is a kind of physical agony.  She feels so cowardly, cowardly enough to scream!  But the Being who is the Fullness of Love visits her, keeping her company."

(Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity)

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