Choosing the better part

Choosing the better part

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mutual Attraction Between Jesus and the Souls of Men

The Beloved longs for us and to give us His love and forgiveness.  Our poverty, weakness and sin does not lessen His desire to give Himself to us or weaken His longing to bring us healing and wholeness.  What Fr. Faber puts forward below we must acknowledge especially when responding to the Church's call to evangelize.  It is Christ and His grace - - not human eloquence, learning or controversy - - that lures the soul.

..."The Blessed Sacrament is the magnet of souls. There is a mutual attraction between Jesus and the souls of men. Mary drew Him down from heaven. Our nature attracted Him rather than the nature of angels. Our misery caused Him to stoop to our lowness. Even our sins had a sort of attraction for the abundance of His mercy and the predilection of His grace. Our repentance wins Him to us. Our love makes earth a paradise to Him; and our souls lure Him as gold lures the miser, with irresistible fascination, . . . 

He draws us to Himself by grace, by example, by power, by lovingness, by beauty, by pardon, and above all by the Blessed Sacrament. Every one who has had anything to do with ministering to souls has seen the power which Jesus has. Talent is not needed. Eloquence is comparatively unattractive. Learning is often beside the mark. Controversy simply repels... All the attraction of the Church is in Jesus, and His chief attraction is the Blessed Sacrament."
- from "The Blessed Sacrament", by Fr. Frederick Faber, C.O.

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